7 GIFs showing what life will be like after Zara Larsson takes over the world

Caught Zara Larsson‘s performance on The Ellen Show last week? Well, maybe you should have. For your own well-being!

All-round fabulous Swedish pop star Zara Larsson is, of course, currently best known for wearing a condom on her leg. (She’s also had a hit or two with the likes of ‘Girls Like’, ‘Never Forget You’ and ‘Lush Life’).

Following Zaza’s spectacular performance of current US single ‘Never Forget You’ with MNEK, scientists at MP! have been carefully working to decipher some of the hidden meanings behind her dance moves and we believe that we have finally cracked the code. Best pay attention to this one, for your own sake.

So, as we all know Lady Larsson is directly in line to ascend to the throne of Planet Pop which is all well and good, but we believe that she was dropping a few clues to what her rule will be like in her performance on Ellen… and it’s not pretty:

1) Her subtle movement here indicates that we will be forced to bow down in a “Beyonce bow down bitches” type way.

2)  Zaza will rule with an iron fist. Insolent underlings will be beaten down. Get back in line!

3) We will all descend into madness with obligatory pogoing. She wasn’t kidding when she said “Imma dance my heart out ’til the dawn” in ‘Lush Life.’

4) Here she declares that she is the Queen of Hearts and will steal yours and store it in a musty old bell jar.

5) Here we can pinpoint victim number one. “I like your face. You will go first”.

6) Here she indicates that the national food of Planet Pop will be Swiss rolls.

7) Calm down fools. Resistance is futile. Just don’t even bother mate.

This is all we’ve managed to get from this performance but you should check out the whole thing to see if you can spot any other signs:

One thing is certain, the anarchy of a post-apocalyptic Zara Larsson-led society is almost upon us. Take heed of our words. There is no mercy in those blue eyes.


Oh dear! In the words of Zaza herself “Now I might have went and said too much.” She’s coming for MP! with her enchanted doughnut. NEVER FORGET US!

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Written by David Farrell

David is the Head of Content at Maximum Pop!

Having studied Russian and Spanish at the University of Leeds, David moved to Moscow to work in the education sector. Upon returning to UK soil, David initially immersed himself in the wonderful world of MP! as a music writer.

Now head of all things content, David takes being a music fanboy to a whole new level, and can often be found dancing like there's nobody watching to 'Shout Out To My Ex', obsessing over Lauren Jauregui and defending Taylor Swift's honour.

David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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