15 times Zara Larsson was the Twitter comeback queen

Zara Larsson is our current obsession.

Not only does she give us amazing song after amazing song, but she’s also a brilliant performer.


Arguably her biggest talent though is her ability to deliver the best comebacks. Whether on Twitter or in interviews, Zara is not afraid to stand up for herself or drag someone for having the wrong opinion.

Here are 15 times that Zara Larsson was the ultimate comeback queen:

1. The time someone tried to call her out for dissing Chris Brown:

2. The time another Chris Brown fan tried to drag her:

3. The time someone tried to suggest that no one cares about her troubles with a shared Spotify account:

4. The time she just couldn’t with someone complaining about her album being delayed:

5. The time she gave a fan a piece of advice:

6. The time she told fans to ‘Save the Wales’:

7. The time one of her fans tried to correct her spelling mistake:

8. The time someone got confused about a dance move:

9. The time she really didn’t want to use the flower crown Snapchat filter:

10. The time she was just tired of boys:

11. More specifically, the time she was tired of basic boys:

12. Really… basic… boys…:

13. Painfully basic boys:

14. The time she gave the perfect answer as to why she doesn’t reply to her DMs

15. The time she just got it:


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