Zara larsson just ended Chris Brown in the weirdest way possible

Things just took a turn for the bizarre in the world of pop. Swedish sensation Zara Larsson has major beef with Chris Brown and this feud is going in directions nobody could have ever predicted.

Things kicked off between the singers as far back as March when Zara posted this tweet out of the blue.

Shy and retiring Zara has never been one to hide her true emotions. She then added fuel to the fire when she was playing a game of “Song Tinder” where you have to swipe left or right depending on whether you like a song or not. As soon as a song featuring Chris came up she immediately swiped left, saying, “Oh hell no. Nope. Because I don’t like him.”

Chris retaliated by leaving these comments on her Insta, “She WACK!” and “stinky butt”.

Seriously, how old are we?

Zara simply replied with a a series of tweets, including a simple, “Hahahahaha.”

But really, what else can you say to a comment like “stinky butt”? (Seriously, tweet us your answers @MaximumPop! If we get enough we will actually run a “best of” post).

The latest development in this ongoing saga is possibly the weirdest moment in pop this year:

That girl sure knows how to rock a Snapchat filter, that’s for certain.

Looks like we’re in for another well thought out, mature retort from Chris Brown any day now. Watch this space. Who, in your humble opinion, truly has the stinkiest of all butts? Vote in the poll below and leave your opinion in the comments box.

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Written by David Farrell

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