Zalfie hit back at the media over rumours – neither are quitting the internet!

The media can be frustrating at times. Stories can be twisted, “sources” get involved and normally there’s a stretch from the actual truth.

Zoe AKA Zoella has been the recent target by tabloids when word got out that ‘Girl Online’ had a “ghost writer” and people started to doubt that she had even written the book. However, Zoe took to Twitter to clear up rumours.

Writing a novel for the first time is a big task, so it’s no surprise that Zoe needed a helping hand. However, the press kept on and pestered poor Zoella to the point where she tweeted this:

Alfie AKA Pointlessblog and Zoe’s boyfriend showed his support for Zoe by tweeting out:

Sadly, the rubbish kept coming and gossipers started gossiping, forcing Zalfie to tweet the following:

*Chris Crocker voice* LEAVE. ZOE. ALOOOOOOOOONE.

Poor Zalfie! We think they should take Nala, Pippin and Percy and go stay in a log cabin for a few days for some quality time and leave all internet devices behind.


What do you think? Should Zoe and Alfie stick up their middle fingers to the media and have a few days of TLC with the Zalfie pets?

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