“Why would I do that?” Oh hell no is Zac Efron ever acting in this movie

The rumour mill has been turning and news that Zac Efron may be taking over one particular role has sent everyone into a tizzy — including us. Honestly, though, we weren’t exactly sure how to feel about it. Now Zac has made our minds up for us by addressing the rumour in the most epic way. Sigh, what a babe.

Zac Efron gif

Turns out there were sources saying Zac Efron could be taking over Jamie Dornan’s role as Christian Grey from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ in the future instalments of the franchise.

Whilst it would mean seeing Zac full frontal naked, which we most certainly wouldn’t complaining about, some of the film’s ethics are questionable in portraying a healthy and equal relationship.

Zac seems to be on the same page as us — which makes us even more heart eyes, tbh. When asked by Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw about the rumour, Zac’s response straight away was, “Why would I do that?”


He then quickly followed up by saying: “I’ve got to call my agent and make sure that isn’t the truth.”

Looks like Zac won’t be featuring in the E L James franchise any time soon.

What do you think? Are you happy Zac Efron won’t be getting involved in that trilogy? Tweet us @maximumpop.

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