These YouTubers are going to be the next Zoella, Dan and Phil and Joey Graceffa

YouTube is an ever-growing platform with new stars on the rise every year. We have become big fans of these YouTubers and think you’re going to love them, too.

The new Zoella… Velvetgh0st

Gabriella is a beauty and lifestyle queen. She always makes us laugh and is extremely #relatable. She’s already released her own line of homeware and we can’t wait to see what else this year holds for her.

The new Dan & Phil… Lydia & Lucy

True, Dan and Phil may not be beauty gurus, but they’re still a duo we can’t get enough of, just like Lydia and Lucy. We are so envious of their beauty and fashion skills and we’d love to learn from them!

The new Joey Graceffa… Mark Ferris

Funny, cute, charming… are we describing Joey or Mark? Trick question – we’re describing both of them. We love putting on Joey’s video and laughing our socks off and now we’re doing the same with Mark. WE WANT A MOEY COLLAB. Look out for Mark’s exclusive column starting this week on Maximum Pop!

The new Joe Sugg… Ben Phillips

With his cheeky pranks on his unsuspecting brother, Elliot, we can see a Joe Sugg in Ben. We’re always laughing at his insane pranks.

Who do you think will be the next big YouTube star? Tweet us now at @maximumpop!

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