MP! Asks: Are we crazy to want to see our favourite YouTubers live?

Over the last few years, more and more YouTubers have been selling tickets to various live shows. Whether it was ‘Amity Fest’ with all your faves from the Brit squad like Zalfie, Tanya and Jim, Joe and Caspar, Louise and Marcus, or when a vlogger went completely solo like with ‘Louise Live’.


The question we’re asking is: is it worth seeing something that is otherwise free from the comfort of your own home? Or are we just being lazy thinking about it like that? (We wouldn’t be surprised…)

Tbf, we’ve never actually been to one of these live shows before, but we’ve seen a lot of BTS footage from all of the vlogs, so we kind of get what they’re about. For the most part, it seems like a lot of screaming. But we won’t judge, ’cause we reckon if we were there we’d probably be right there with ya — yelling until our lungs gave out.

The other things we’ve grasped from vlogs is it’s a lot of the same content you’d see via YouTube, just live on stage. Q&As, the chubby bunny challenge and lots of buffoonery.

So why go? If you can sit, snuggled up in the comfort of your own bed, laptop balanced on your knees and a cup of tea (or whatever your chosen beverage may be)… Why spend precious money travelling across the country just to sit in a stuffy theatre somewhere, watching a grown man shove marshmallows into his mouth until he gags? Lbr, put like that, it doesn’t make any logical sense to any normal human being.

But we’re not normal human beings, because we’re part of the YouTube fandom.


We experience serious separation anxiety when we’re away from our laptops and feel pretty stressed when we’re behind on our subscription feed. What’s more, we reckon we probably watch more hours of YouTube per week than we do actual TV.

So, actually, we get the hype around attending ‘Louise Live’ or something similar.

Put it this way: how do you feel when you go and see your favourite band or singer? When we first saw One Direction and there was that moment when Harry came clambering down the catwalk towards us, we may or may not have nearly passed out.

It sounds silly, but the thing is those experiences are so special. Because you’re in the same room as actual Harry Styles. Or, in this case, Zoella or Tyler Oakley or one of your other favourite YouTubers. You’re breathing the same air and it’s that odd sensation of being a part of one unique moment only you, your fave and a few thousand other people are in on.

Just like when the band starts at a gig, the video compilation of all the best clips from Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee get the adrenaline in your body pumping and you can feel your heart literally start to race at the thought of them bounding out from the wings.

To an outsider it probably doesn’t make sense to screech at someone you love (RIP to all the parents out there taking us to these events and struggling through it), but it’s actually a reaction that freaking science can account for. And, at the end of the day, if it makes you happy to see your favourite YouTuber strutting around on stage, who are we or anyone else to judge?

But what do you think? Are YouTuber live shows worth going to? Have you ever attended one? Let us know your thoughts and experiences by tweeting us @maximumpop!

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