7 YouTube reaction videos that sum up exactly how we feel about Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27’

We all got those feels listening to Fifth Harmony‘s ‘7/27’ and we’ve got to admit that our initial reactions were a little over the top. If we had recorded ourselves, we’d probs be viral internet sensations, but instead we’re showing you these awesome YouTubers that are literally us.


1) This is the most perfect reaction video ever, hands down.

2) “This song made me pregnant”

3) Dancing on point, this is us all day errday

4) Us and our BFFS poppin’ to the whole album

5) We had the  EXACT same reaction to ‘I Lied’

6) This guy knows all about those solos YAS

7) Tbh we don’t know what to say, she’s literally us

Did you react like any of these fab guys and gals? We don’t know how you couldn’t go insane listening to ‘7/27’, it’s a masterpiece! Let us know @maximumpop on Twitter how you feel about 5H’s newest gem.

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