Your Harry Potter childhood has just been ruined by this previously unseen photo. Soz

You can’t obliviate this.

Harry Potter is gospel. There should be nothing that questions our love for it, or our belief in the magic. Because we all know Hogwarts and Hedwig are real (god rest her soul).

But sometimes there comes a photo or movie still that completely changes how we see our faves forever. And the damage cannot be unseen. So be prepared. After this you’ll be a changed muggle. Sorry bout it.

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Tbf, there are a few of these earth-shattering photos knocking around. There is, of course, this confusing piece of evidence:

Umm. Ok. But now your eyes have been “blessed” with that alarming photo, you’re definitely warmed up for the next one. Deep breaths. We’ll do this together. 1… 2… 3…

Uhh. Wut? Those hands are not only creepy as heck, they’ve just broken the spell. Literally. Tbf, they could have just left the hands in. It’s kooky enough to have worked in a place like Hogwarts, right?

It’s clever though. And so simple it’s essentially genius.

Will you ever be able to see this scene the same way again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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