Aussie X Factor boy band trio covers The Vamps.

Okay, so you know how The X Factor has created some super awesome pop groups like One Direction and Little Mix, right?

Well, check out what’s happening in X Factor Australia.

Not only have they got a fierce new girl band (XOX) rocking the stage this year but last week, they also debuted a cute boy band trio called Younger Than Yesterday.

The boys’ first live show performance was no small feat, taking on The Vamps‘ ‘Somebody To You‘.

Damn you, Dannii Minogue, for leaving our UK X Factor and making your own Aussie rival super pop groups.

Meet Ellis, Joel and Harry, who all initially auditioned as solo artists but were put together in a group when they didn’t make the cut individually.

We are loving the chemistry amongst the boys but hopefully they can find a sound and work out an identity that is more theirs than something borrowed from established boy bands.

Dannii Minogue X Factor 2014

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