You will 100% wish you went to this school once you hear about how they punish students

Rip up that report card!

Getting slapped with a detention slip, or sent out the class or marched off to the headmaster’s office is almost like a rite of passage at school. It happens to 99% of us at some point, whether rightly or wrongly accused (because they can’t prove that it was us that tried to glue the teacher’s set of draws shut with a Pritt Stick).

But this school has taken a very different route. It’s punishments are surprisingly zen. Do they actually work though?

Detention, in the way we understand it, doesn’t exist at this elementary school in Baltimore. There’s no seclusion, no being jammed into a dank little classroom to sit in penance for what you did. There’s no report card that tells you what a nasty little turd you are because instead they’re doing something that sounds too good to be true.

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Yep. You’re reading that right. These kids are sent to a Mindful Moment Room to reflect on themselves and to literally think about what they have done.

They’re not isolated or made to feel like total delinquents, instead they’re asked to sit, to breathe and to think. Led by this total boss teacher, the students can then find a more positive outcome from something that might have escalated.

It’s so zen and so lovely. Surely, it can’t work, can it?

Welp, guess what? It does. The school can boast having ZERO suspensions since beginning the programme.

It’s thoughtful, mindful and must be the way forward, right?

What do you think? Would this work at your school? Tell us in the comment below. 

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