You totally didn’t notice these 12 Harry Potter characters were switched out between films

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We know characters get recast in tv and film series’ all the time. But some manage to slip in and out right under our noses. These Harry Potter characters got dicked around in casting more than we actually realised. We have the photographic evidence to prove it, too.

And you won’t BELIEVE how some of them transformed. Wizardry is definitely afoot. Question is, did you even notice?

Lavender Brown, Bill Weasley, The Fat Lady, Helena Ravenclaw, Alicia Spinnet, Griphook, Katie Bell, Tom the innkeeper, Padma and Parvati Patil, Pansy Parkinson… VOLDEMORT!

Did Daniel Radcliffe just confirm he’ll play Harry Potter in the ‘Cursed Child’?!

36 times Tumblr proved Dumbledore was a bit of a dickwad

Yep, even the Dark Lord himself got revamped (and dahling that was one makeover that was on fleek. Rocking that no-nose, pale skin, black cloak style)

Something went down between the first few movies and the last ones because the cast, save for most of the main characters, is completely different. Crazy. We wouldn’t believe it either if we hadn’t seen the pictures.

When we saw pictures of Tom the barkeep from Diagon Alley we were confused. Because at first he looked like this:

A wholesome, rustic look here. You would trust him not to spit in your butterbeer. But this guy…

…he’s not only spitting in it, he’s probably dipping his fingers in it too. This creepy Igor turns up in ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ and it’s like… wut? Probably the oddest recasting of the lot.

Use the page numbers below to scroll through the others. It’s WEIRD. 

Starting off with this one. It’s quite something. What a change, right? Scroll through them all and then leave a comment with the one you find most shocking!


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