‘Shocking twists’ written by a ‘genius with a keyboard’ MP!er Olivia shares her thoughts on ‘True Fire’

photo1YOU REVIEW: MP!er Olivia shares her thoughts on “plot twisting fantasy” “True Fire”, the first in a brand new trilogy by Gary Meehan. 
Describe the plot of ‘Unhinged’ in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!
In a shocking twist where history seems to be repeating itself, we travel with our protagonists, Megan, Damon and Eleanor, on their self-given mission to save the former’s twin sister, Gwyneth, from the witches that have become her. [MP! Note: That’s more than a tweet but you’ve sold it to us!]
What genre would you class the book as?
What did you think of ‘True Fire’?
Fantasy isn’t usually my sort of genre I specifically go for – making exceptions for Narnia and The Mortal Instruments, because come on, who doesn’t love those? – I surprisingly found myself really enjoying this book! The fact that these fantastical characters weren’t those of the usual kind (as in, they must have been conjured up by some genius with a keyboard) really appealed to me; it’s a fantasy novel with a twist. I really like that.
I also love how the innocence of Megan at the beginning of the book is totally scrapped when she’s introduced to a problem – she’s such a likeable protagonist, it’s genuinely hard to dislike her at all! 
What was the best bit?
It isn’t really a specific part, but from the point that Damon and Eleanor were introduced into the story, I found it quickened into a pace I much preferred. They offered laughs into an otherwise rather drab story.
Anything you didn’t like about the book?
The beginning was quite slow. Noticeably slow. It seems like it takes a while for the story to find its comfortable stride, and so starts off in an unfortunately boring tone.
Would you recommend the book to your friends?
To those who enjoy fantasy, yes. Although I can imagine the “witch” front won’t be very popular among fantasy readers.
Do you think it would appeal to boys or girls more? Or both?
Both really, although I’d say the girls side is tipping the scale slightly as it deals with pregnancy.
Anything else you’d like to tell us about the book?
It hides a lot of twists and turns between the covers – some, very unexpected.

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