Need a new Hunger Games with a twist? Here’s why you need to read ‘Children of Icarus’

Two girls are chosen. One has lived in the other’s shadow all her life, but in the labyrinth they’re ripped apart. Both girls must learn to survive in this new, brutal world where a false turn could lead to a dead end.


Right?! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

We LOVE ‘Children of Icarus’, but we totally get that you might need a reason to part with your hard-earned cash. Have 7.

If you like ‘The Maze Runner’, you’ll love ‘Children of Icarus’

maze runner

Mazes and what lies on the other side of them, life or death decisions and characters you’re rooting for from the start.

Greek mythology


If you’re thinking that the name ‘Icarus’ sounds familiar then you’d be right. Icarus is the son of the man who created the Labyrinth that holds the Minotaur in Greek myth. When Icarus’s dad built wings made of wax and feathers for himself and Icarus, Icarus was warned not to fly too close to the sun. You know it – that’s exactly what he did. His wings melted and he ended up in the sea.

It’s not looking good for our heroines…

The actual Fates of Greek myth make an appearance


Well. As you’d expect, the Fates are rather tricksy and our heroine has quite a task in getting free of them and completing the labyrinth. We love the Fates oh so much (because we wouldn’t live much longer if we said otherwise…).

An unnamed narrator


We have Clara and we have the girl who’s lived in her shadow and goes the entire novel without a name. Talk about a powerful metaphor, huh? A character not having a name can be insufferably annoying, but it can also be super clever and that’s definitely what ‘Children of Icarus’ is.

It’s full of monsters and nightmares made real


Come on, what else would you expect from a Labyrinth? Theseus and the Minotaur pretty much set the precedent for that. Death, torture, harassment, it’s got it all.

It’s terrifyingly real


Our heroine undergoes some…changes…over the course of this novel and we love it. There’s not enough YA where the characters are really, truly changed by the horrors they experience and it was both horrible and refreshing to see it happen here.

You won’t be able to put it down


So much happens and you won’t even want to put it down to scarf down your cereal. We promise this will be one you’ll be reading by torchlight under the duvet long into the night. You’re welcome.

What about ‘Children of Icarus’ makes you most want to read it?

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