Here’s why it’s actually possible to disagree with your fave and still belong to the fandom

The world ain’t so black and white

Listen, we need to stop viewing the world in such a black and white fashion. We’re all gonna go crazy if we carry on this way and, before you know it, we’ll have no music to listen to, no books to read and we’re 102% sure to scare every creator off of YouTube.

We’re living in a call-out culture, a society in which every tiny ounce of bad behaviour will have you labelled problematic for life and it’s just not healthy anymore. You can disagree with your fave and still belong to the fandom.

It’s important to call out others if they’re being problematic online or offline, especially those with a lot of influence. It’s how we’ve become such a woke generation who preach equality and love at every turning. In fact, we might not have had the recent Women’s Marches without it. HOWEVER, please remember to bear in mind that one mistake is not usually enough to sign off a person for life.

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Think on it this way: Pewdiepie recently found himself at the centre of controversy for the video below in which he pays a fiver to have some people hold up the sign “Death to all Jews”. Of course, we know he doesn’t mean this literally and doesn’t actually support the message in any way but it’s a pretty big issue and we don’t blame some people for taking offence.

“I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible but just – I didn’t think they would actually do it.”

Despite his apologies in the video and looking physically distraught that the guys followed through with his absurd request, fans didn’t take too kindly:

Yet others opted to make light of the situation and stand by Pewds:

The moral is that what you find too far and what someone else thinks is too far are always going to be different. Your decision to stay part of a fandom after that person has acted in a problematic way is subjective and entirely down to you.

Being a “true fan” of someone is a complicated matter but is in no way dissuaded by your ability to call out. You can dislike what somebody does and still like the person.

Just like everyone else in the world, Pewdiepie is just a person and is physically incapable of perfection. He’s going to get it wrong sometimes and he’s going to make mistakes. Whether or not you stay part of his fanbase after these mistakes is up to the individual but don’t think that staying or leaving makes you any lesser (or better) a fan.

In most scenarios, it may be your choice to forgive but not forget, and that’s entirely okay.

All this all harks back to the backlash against Zoella for using a ghostwriter to perfect her bestselling ‘Girl Online‘ series. Many of us were shocked when the news broke but we’re all still here despite being deceived and continue to support the growing YouTuber x publishing crossover.

And of course, who can forget about the recent #EdSheeranIsOverParty. We’re not surprised fans are so annoyed with him. Even though we’re obsessed with his music and queued for hours to buy tickets for his ‘Divide’ tour, being this arrogant and cocky is just not okay and fans had every right to call him out for it.

SEE, we can still be a fan and not like what that person’s up to. Ed is a sweetheart we’re sure but…


Of course, as with anything there are exceptions and definitely a lot of actions that should never be forgiven, but in a world already breeding enough hatred thanks to Trump it’s important now more than ever to stand up and stick together no matter what. Protect yourself from hate, call out those you see who aren’t spreading the love, and remember that we’re all in this together.

What we’re ultimately trying to say is that it’s okay to disassociate yourself from a fanbase if you think they’ve crossed a line and you should do so without feeling guilty. However, if you think they’ve done wrong but are still capable of enjoying their content and can make peace with their past, do it.

You are your own person and your political views and entertainment sources do not have to be mutually exclusive. ‘Nuff said.

What do you think – can you still be a fan of something when you don’t agree with that person? Let us know your side of the argument in the comments below.

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