Yo Preston and Kelly Kiara turned ‘Love Yourself’ into a duet and the internet loves it

Back at it again with those Bieber covers, but they’re quality! Our latest fave is from Yo Preston ft Kelly Kiara, who put their own serious spin on the Biebs track.


They covered ‘Love Yourself‘ but changed one of the verses and wrote their own lyrics in response to the ‘Love Yourself’ lyrics, it’s pretty good, check it out below.

The video has reached almost 8 million views in 3 months and became a hit on iTunes and Spotify, insane! If you recognise Yo Preston, he was on X Factor a couple of years back but unfortunately didn’t make it far into the competition. Simon Cowell must be wishing he’d signed him now!

What did you reckon to their cover then? Is it your favourite or did you prefer Jasmine Thompson’s or Hobbie Stuart’s? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop

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