YESTO has everything to make you 2016 fabulous. 10 steps closer to becoming Gigi Hadid!

We love love love Yes To so much we wanted to share with you. It’s going to make your complexion and hair 2016 fabulous. It’s so good it even tells you what to buy for your skin type and your hair type. We know! How good?!PicMonkey CollageWe have narrowed it down to 10 things that we absolutely must have! It was hard but good things come to those that wait (hopefully in the shape of some Yes To goodies this Christmas!)

1. ‘COCONUT POLISHING BODY SCRUB’ “This scrub uses nearly all of the coconut (even the husk).” We aren’t sure what a ‘husk’ is but it sounds good doesn’t it?6x2. ‘BLUEBERRIES ULTRA HYDRATING BODY WASH “moisturising shea butter and anti-oxidant rich blueberries.” We’ll take rich blueberries over poor blueberries anyday…4x 3. ‘GRAPEFRUIT DARK SPOT CORRECTING SERUM’ “formulated with Mulberry Fruit” Mulberry how fancy!3x 4. ‘CARROTS MOISTURISING EYE CREAM’ “Your mother told you carrots were good for your eyes, she just didn’t know how right she was!” We knew our mums and Louis Tomlinson were right about carrots!2x5. ‘CUCUMBERS DAILY GEL CLEANSER’ “deep cleans.” Yup yup yup.1x  6. ‘CUCUMBERS FACIAL WIPES’ “Stay gorgeous, and go from zero to clean in seconds!” You’ve got us sold!9x7. ‘CARROTS DAILY MOISTURE BODY LOTION’ “smooth your skin with carrots and sweet potatoes” We feel like we might end up eating this one…10x8. ‘COCONUT ULTRA MOISTURE CONDITIONER’ “clinically proven to smooth and restore dry, damaged hair.” We love a bit of clinically proven.8x9. ‘CARROTS PAMPERING CONDITIONER’ “get luminous, luscious locks.” As long as it doesn’t go luminous orange.7x10. ‘GRAPEFRUIT DARK SPOT CORRECTING BODY CREME’ “perfect for users who want to minimise skin imperfections.” That’s us, where do we sign up? Next step Gigi Hadid.5x

Let us know if there is anything you are eyeing up @maximumpop just send us a tweet!

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