You need to stop everything and watch Olly Alexander get possessed by a demon

Years & Years just dropped their new video for ‘Worship’ and we are a bit confused.


The video starts off with Olly and some of his mates just chilling in a car park. You know what, that sounds odd but he’s wearing a lovely pink bomber jacket so we’ll let it slide.

He then wanders into a multi-story car park and does some dancing. However, he seems somewhat possessed, jumping on the front of the car and generally looking a bit scary.

Later on in the video, it turns out that the rest of his squad are all possessed too, which is terrifying but like Olly, they’re wearing lovely clothes.

Then, at one point, Olly does a Miley and licks an object. Unlike Miley, he goes for a car windscreen. You know what, we can’t help but worry about the germs that could be on that windscreen. Please don’t try this at home.

We keep re-watching it and we’re just getting more and more confused. We completely love it though.

Watch the full video below:

If you have any idea what’s happening, please let us know by tweeting us at @maximumpop.

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