What secrets were your fave authors spilling in their teen diaries? Get a sneak peak at Lisa Williamson’s and Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s!

YALC is fast approaching and we’re getting ridiculously excited. And even more exciting, we’ve got a little preview of easily one of the coolest panels happening over the weekend – My Teen Diary – where a bunch of author are going to read from their actual, real teenage diaries. It’s gonna be excellent.

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So have a sneak peek in the teen lives of some of your faves!

Deirdre Sullivan's diary
Deirdre Sullivan’s diary

“[Name redacted 1] found out that [name redacted 2] cheated on her eight times!! She is understandably pissed off and THERE SHALL BE SCORNING. (You go girl.)

Also, she was with [name redacted 3] AGAIN. (If his sister found out there would be trouble- I think that whole situation is a little silly. She doesn’t even particularly like the guy…is that worth risking a best friendship for?)

I think not!”

Close up of Deirdre Sullivan’s diary entry.
Lisa Williamson diary
Lisa Williamson’s diary

“Thurs 11th Dec 1997:

Panto dress rehearsal today. Matt showed me his toes. They’re seriously weird. Is this an indication of anything? Probably not. I saw him in his undergarments. Blue and white boxer shorts. A few weeks ago I’d have been really excited by this.”

Jenny McLachlan’s diary.
Close up of Jenny McLachlan’s diary.
Liz Flanagan's diary
Liz Flanagan’s diary
HRH diary
Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s diary

“However hard people say being a successful actor is, to me it seems easier than getting someone to fall in love with me. Is that awful, to think that being famous will make up for being a virgin spinster?”

Jamie Scallion’s diary.
Close up of Jamie Scallion’s diary entry.

The My Teen Diary session is taking place at 5pm on the Friday of YALC – see you there!

Share embarrassing bits from your teen diaries with us at @maximumpopbooks!

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