Need some science in your fiction? We’ve got 5 amazing sci-fi recs to get you started!

Eugene Lambert’s ‘Sign of One’ is a sci-fi thriller set on the waste planet of Wrath. It’s a dump-world for human outcasts and a place where identical twins are feared because only one will grow up human. The other becomes a condemned monster with twisted blood…

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It’s the kind of book that’ll leave you wanting MOAR. But as the sequel isn’t out until next year, we figured we’d give you a few sci-fi recs to keep you going. We’re nice like that.

thelonelinessofdistantbeings‘The Loneliness of Distant Beings’ by Kate Ling

Kate Ling’s debut is a swoony romance set aboard a first contact ship that’s taking a 600-year round trip to find the source of a mysterious signal  galaxies away. Seren is suffocating under her duties on board, but when she meets Dom everything changes. Dramatic and romantic AND set in space – what more could you want?!

across the universe‘Across the Universe’ by Beth Revis

Amy is bound for a world 300 years away, but when she’s woken 50 years before her destination after an attempted murder, she must find out who she can trust and how to survive this terrifying new reality. This is an oldy, but it’s a goody. Murder, mystery, romance and space travel is a recipe for excellence! Plus, have you seen that cover?! Phwoar.

smallangryplanet‘The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet’ by Becky Chambers

Now, this book isn’t technically YA, but it’s one of those books that regardless of what age or genres you read, you’re gonna love Becky Chambers’ debut. It’s a slow, meandering story about a hodge-podge group of people on board a space ship who build hyperspace tunnels between planets. It’s glorious.

cinder‘Cinder’ by Marissa Meyer

Two words: cyborg Cinderella. Yeah, it’s that cool. And it’s that amazing. The whole of the Lunar Chronicles series is brilliant, and each book retells a different fairytale with a sci-fi twist.  There’s a handsome prince, a secret past, an evil queen, a horrible stepmother and a deadly plague – it’s one of those series’ that you’ll fall head over heels in love with in mere pages.

illuminae‘Illuminae’ by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Oh man, this book is GOOD. ‘Illuminae’ tells the story of Kady and Ezra who break up just as an attack on their small planet forces them to be evacuated. The story is told through IMs, security footage, report transcripts, emails and military documents and it’s seriously amazing. Don’t be put off by the size of it – you’ll fly through it!

Haven’t read ‘Sign of One’ yet? Grab it here!

Have we missed your favourite sci-fi book? Tell us about it @maximumpopbooks!

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