YA house parties: the good, the bad and the ugly

Tommy Wallach’s second novel, ‘Thanks for the Trouble’, sees Parker seeking out a party to take the beautiful, mysterious Zelda to. She’s requested a day of Authentic Teenage Experiences, and what’s more of an authentic teen experience than a house party?


The party that Zelda and Parker go to ends up being a little more extraordinary than your average party. Zelda turns up in a limo brimming with crates of booze and then whisks people down to the beach with a bottle of $1000 whiskey. And, of course, Zelda and Parker get their moment.

When we started to think about it, it turns out that most house parties in YA are little extraordinary. They change the game for characters, reveal the true identities of friends, betrayals are witnessed, kisses are had and disagreements becomes all-out fights.

Here are some of best house parties in YA:

City of Bones‘City of Bones’ by Cassandra Clare

Oh yes, even Shadowhunters have parties! And this one, hosted by the inimitable Magnus Bane doesn’t quite turn out as planned for Simon. After trying a mysterious blue drink (I mean, why would you do that at a warlock’s party?!), Simon finds himself turned into a rat and quickly kidnapped by vampires. Just your average Friday night, really.

WEFLTM‘When Everything Feels Like the Movies’ by Raziel Reid

Raziel Reid’s debut is dark, edgy and a bit ground-breaking so any party in it was bound to be the same. Our narrator, Jude, goes to the house party of his longtime crush Luke with desperate hopes of something, but ends up being brutally betrayed and then getting horribly beaten up on his way home. It’s a tough read, but worth it.

Lobsters‘Lobsters’ by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivsion

It’s at a house party that Sam and Hannah meet, standing in the bathroom and bonding over their shared love of hot Ribena. They hit it off immediately, but they’re dragged away by Hannah’s bff who’s determined for her to get to know a different guy. A whole bunch of entanglements and fun ensues.

‘Trouble’ by Non PrattTrouble

When Hannah arrive’s at Rex’s house party, she’s not really in the partying mood. She’s just found out that she’s pregnant at 15 and doesn’t know what to do. She hasn’t told anyone and she’s going into full-on panic mode. Then one of the guys, Tyrone, swoops in on her and Hannah has to be rescued by Aaron. And Aaron changes the whole game for Hannah.

The Duff‘The DUFF’ by Kody Keplinger

A house party is where it all kicks off for Bianca in ‘The DUFF’. While watching her two gorgeous, popular best friends be popular and gorgeous, Bianca’s former bff, super-hot jock, Wesley, informs her that she is the DUFF of her friend group. The Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Naturally, it changes everything.

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