Your ultimate YA Heroines would LOVE to get these Christmas presents!

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, so it’s time to panic buy those last minute presents!

To give you some ideas, we’ve picked out the kind of presents we think your favourite YA heroines would like to be given. From badass action girls to deep and artsy ladies, there’s a gift to suit every style.

First up, Katniss from ‘The Hunger Games’. 


Katniss is all about practicality, so she would love the multiple pockets of this Nylon Backpack from TopShop. The pop of gold is thanks to her wonderful stylist Cinna, of course.

Next up is Hermione Granger, who we think would love this book-scented candle.


When she’s not studying, we imagine Hermione would probably enjoy a nice candlelit bubble bath.  This candle burns to smell exactly like the pages of old books- she’ll love it!

Now foreveryone’s favourite demon-slaying red head, Clary Fray from ‘The Mortal Instruments’. 


Clary loves all things arty, and now that she’s hanging out with Isabelle Lightwood, she’s become a lot more into fashion and style. We could see her going to town with this Urban Decay Electric Palette and a tonne of YouTube tutorials.

Next on Santa’s Nice List is Hazel Grace from ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. 


We can think of so many things we would love to give Hazel for Christmas – most of them are impossible so we’ll settle for something sweet and personal. We think she’s love this personalised initial necklace with a H for her and an A for her true love.


Now onto Annabelle from the ‘Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus’ series. We see Annabelle as more of a do-er than someone who wishes for material things. So…


Gift vouchers for GoApe! She’ll love being up in the trees, bossing the assault course and generally being a badass!

And last but certainly not least is Tris Prior from ‘Divergent’. Shailene Woodley has the YA heroine corner of Hollywood on lock down!


Tris loves doing different stuff with her hair – the only thing she hasn’t done it add some crazy Dauntless colour in there. We think she’d look great with pink tips!

Hope you picked up some last minute gift inspo, and that you’re totally in the Christmas spirit!

Got any more suggestions? What do you think YA heroines would would like for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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