We’ve got 27 book recommendations based on your favourite video games

Yes, this is one for the gamers, indeed. And you don’t have to be a hardcore, MMO L33t destroyer of n00bs. Oh lawd no. We can find your best book-match even if the only video game you’ve ever played was ‘Snake’ on an old flip phone.


Browse these recommendations, and then, if you still haven’t found your match, try using our chart at the end. And maybe for just tonight you can put down your joystick and pick up a stonking good read instead. It’s guaranteed to lvl you up, bro. 

cod header 1

Alright soldiers of modern warfare, we’ve got just the reads for you. They’ll still have all the same action and fire power, but it’ll happen all inside your head, instead of on the screen.

zombies header

Ah, we get it. You’re more into zombies mode on COD? Or maybe you’re just a ‘Resident Evil’ kind of gal. That’s cool. We’ve got you covered.

ff7 header

Cloud or Vaan? Sephiroth or Jenova? Everyone has their favourite characters. We’re partial to a bit of Vincent Valentine, but you know, he’s a freakin’ icon. If it’s the ‘Final Fantasy’ series that gets you gaming gears working, here’s some good book matches for all you chocobo lovers:

GTA header

You like it fast and furious and there’s nothing wrong with that! Whether it’s GTA or any of the other plethora of automobile related games, we’ve picked out a few suggestion that promise to be just pedal to the metal.

candy-crush header

Aw, did you think it was going to be all about the hardcore console gaming? Nuh-uh. We’ve all been addicted to this game at one point or another. So if you’re looking for something light and sweet, we’ve got some sugar for you:

Pokemon header

So Pokemon is your jam, eh? Well you’ve just earned yourself the MP Gym Badge plus these recommendations:


Space, the final frontier. Or something. If you set your sights further afield than this little blue planet then we have just the books for you!

Still haven’t found your perfect match? Well, we haven’t given up yet! Try our match finder below:

find your book match gaming edition

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