MP! Exclusive: Read from every UK YA book released this month! That’s over 8,000 free words


How many books have you got on your TBR pile at the minute? 5? 10? 4673829? Sounds about right.

Well, unfortunately bookworms we come with good (and bad) news. Your book pile is only going to get bigger this month. Why? Well thought we’d showcase our love for all things YA in a new monthly feature.

Each month, we’re going to tell you about every single young-adult book that’s due out. If that wasn’t enough to get your bookish heart fluttering then we’re also giving you a sneak peek of the first chapter. That’s over 8,000 FREE words. Oh how we spoil you!

To read the first chapter, all you need to do is click the big, fancy graphic that says ‘click here’ at the bottom of each book. Pretty easy, right?

So, without further ado, here’s everything that’s come out in August 2017. We’re going to apologise in advance to your bank balance.


BOOK: ‘Tell It To The Moon’ (Book 2)
AUTHOR: Siobhan Curham
THEMES: Friendship
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‘Tell It To The Moon’  is the second book in Siobhan Curham’s ‘Moonlight Dreamers’ series. If you love reading about the power of friendship then this one’s for you. Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose are thrown into a whirlwind of problems. Amber is struggling with the after math of not being able to find her surrogate mother. Whilst, Maali’s begins to question her faith when her father becomes ill. The girls go above and beyond for each other and they’re the epitome of squad goals.


BOOK: ‘Everybody Hurts’
AUTHOR: Anthony McGowan and Joanna Nadin
THEMES: Love, Class, Illness
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Matt and Sophia should have never fallen in love. They’re from completely different worlds and that’s something they’re struggling with. ‘Everybody Hurts’ explores class and illness. It’s as gripping as a John Green read and if you’re a fan of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ you’ll love it.


BOOK: ‘The Epic Crush of Genie Lo’
THEMES: Fantasy, Magical Realism
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Inspired by Chinese mythology, ‘The Epic Crush of Genie Lo’ is an essential for fans of Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Jessica Jones’. The story follows 15-year-old Genie as she discovers she’s an immortal and strong enough to bash through the gates of heaven with her fists. Sounds epic, right?


BOOK: ‘S.T.A.G.S.’
AUTHOR: M.A. Bennett
THEMES: Murder, Boarding School
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As far as gripping YA novels go,’S.T.A.G.S.’  is definitely one you should be delving into this month. It’s dark, twisted and packed with bloody murder. The story kicks off with Greer being invited to the home of her privileged classmate, Henry de Warlencourt. What Greer doesn’t yet know is that she and the rest of her classmates will be at the mercy of their twisted host. Yikes!


BOOK: ‘Lola Offline’
AUTHOR: Nicola Doherty
THEMES: Romance, Social Media, Mistakes
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‘Lola Offline’ is ideal for those who are addicted to social media. Delilah Hoover has made a massive mistake. Everyone knows who she is and as a result she flees to Paris, changes her name and vows to never go online, ever again. It’s easier said than done though, especially when secrets begin to come out and a cute boy enters the picture. *Double tap*


BOOK: ‘It’s All In Your Head: A Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together’
AUTHOR: Rae Earl
THEMES: Non-Fiction, Mental Health, Advice
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‘It’s All In Your Head: A Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together’ is an advice guide like no other. Penned by the author of ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, Rae Earl, the book aims to break down the taboos surrounding mental health conditions with plenty of humour and honest accounts of real-life situations. It’s a Gen Z must and we can’t get enough of Rae’s witty writing.


BOOK: ‘Breaking’
AUTHOR: Danielle Rollins
THEMES: Thriller, Horror
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Put together the thrilling spook-factor or E. Lockhart and Stephen King’s novels and you’ll get ‘Breaking’ by Danielle Rollins. The story follow’s the unexpected death of Charlotte’s two best friends. Char’s suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty. Was she the reason her friends died? Did they discover her secret? This one’s an absolute page-turner and will leave you OMG-ing from start to finish.


BOOK: ‘The Start of Me And You’
AUTHOR: Emery Lord
THEMES: Romance, Second Chances, Forgiveness
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You’ve probably already heard of the fantastic ‘The Start of Me And You’. It’s a Zoella Book Club 2017 novel and one of the emotional reads of the summer. Paige’s boyfriend has died in a swimming accident. On a mission to re-join the “real world” she’s made a plan. All it involves is dating a boy, attending parties and being able to swim again. Easy, right? Wrong.


BOOK: ‘T Is For Tree’
AUTHOR: Greg Fowler
THEMES: Friendship
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Eddy is locked away by his grandmother. He’s not like other teenagers and has spent his life watching the world go by from his bedroom window. When Reagan moves in next door, things begin to slowly change. Eddy starts to learn more about the outside world and discover a passion for maths and… er… jam. It’s a heart warming story that’s packed with action – especially when a mysterious tree creeps through Eddy’s window. Confused? Click below to read all about it.


BOOK: ‘Editing Emma’
AUTHOR: Chloe Seager
THEMES: Love, Social Media
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‘Editing Emma’ is the second must-read for social media addicts this month. Emma Nash is ghosted by an old flame and is sucked into the rabbit hole of Facebook stalking her ex. Ergh… we’ve all been there. Anyway, Emma’s on a mission to change her ways. She vows to stop the compulsive stalking habit and documents her adventures on her brand new Editing Emma blog. As all great bloggers know, though, it’s not an easy ride. Especially when other online mishaps start happening like finding her mum’s Tinder profile. AWKS.


BOOK: ‘The Ventura Saga: The Glow of Fallen Stars’ (Book 2)
AUTHOR: Kate Ling
THEMES: Romance, Space, Belonging
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‘The Ventura Saga: The Glow of Fallen Stars’ is the second book in Kate Ling’s Ventura series and it picks up right where book 1 left off. Seren and Dom are onboard spaceship Ventura. Their romance is blossoming but things take an even stranger turn when they crash land on a mysterious planet. It’s a story of love, loss and spacey intergalactic fun. We’re sold.


BOOK: ‘Wonder Woman: Warbringer’
AUTHOR: Leigh Bardugo
THEMES: Superhero, Fantasy
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You’ve seen the film, so now it’s time to read the book. In ‘Wonder Woman: Warbringer’, Diana is on a mission to prove herself to her warrior sisters, but when she breaks Amazon law to save a mortal things take a turn for the worst. Alia is a Warbringer and the pair must work together to combat all kinds of danger. C’mon guys, it’s by Leigh Bardugo – do you really need anymore convincing?!

Let us know which book’s your favourite by leaving a comment below. For more bookish updates you can follow @MaximumPopBooks on Twitter. Enjoy. 

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