X Factor’s Rouge Kiss attack Simon Cowell with dog poo?!?

Remember X Factor girl group Rouge Kiss? The ones dressed like Sporty Spice x5 or Girls Aloud in their original album days. The ones who Simon Cowell said were “like Yorkshire Terriers trying to be Alsatians”? Well, these girls clearly haven’t forgotten about that…

We’re not really sure what we just witnessed there. It looked like a shoddy University student film, there were lyrics about a pooper scooper and a poor Simon Cowell lookalike getting attack by a fire extinguisher and possibly dog poo (the editing implies that but it isn’t shown). There’s also an OPERATIC MIDDLE 8! If there was a word to describe this whole thing, it would be “disasterrific”.

And that does mean we actually kind of love it. These girls actually have a personality, something we don’t get with a lot of X Factor contestants, and they laugh at themselves as much as they take potshots at Simon Cowell. This video is starting to rack up views slowly, only time will tell if it goes properly viral. We really hope it does.

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