“All this hoopla about boy bands not being cool is garbage to be honest”: MP! interviews Scott Williams, owner of X Apparel London

You’ve seen those 1D t-shirts right? Right?! If you’re like us you’ve got at least two of each, y’know, just in case you ruin one in a horrific accident involving Nando’s sauce and a giraffe (it was one time!). Well we just had to track down the people who were large and in charge of X Apparel, and what do you know – the guy is only twenty years old! Naturally we grilled him on boy bands, social media and how he started his own fashion label whilst still in University – so if any of you lots become fashion entrepreneurs, you’ve got us to thank!

First of all, could you introduce yourself and a write bit about you to our readers?

Of course. My names Scott Williams, I’m 20 years old and I am currently doing a full time degree in Business along with running and owning X Apparel Ltd, X Apparel London. I have always had a huge interest in fashion, sport, music and film, and I always knew that I wanted to go into business. During my school years I was basically talked into getting a job at Sports Direct. Within a year I held the company record for selling these (tragic) ‘bags for life’, so I guess I knew I had a ‘gift’ for selling from a fairly early age. To my knowledge I still hold that record today. I however decided to leave Sports Direct around the same time I finished school, 3 years ago. I’m very lucky to have an extremely supportive family and set of friends, along with a girlfriend that is beautiful and amazing, and puts up with so much.

How did X Apparel first start?

(this is a painfully long story, so I’ll try keep it sweet) I was looking online for some decent clothes to buy, and everything seemed to be so, I dunno…brutally boring, so I decided to make myself a t-shirt. My friends all commented on the t-shirt (the simple XII London design) and asked me to make them one. I replied ‘Yeah sure, for 30 pound’ thinking they would simply tell me to ‘get stuffed’ (in the politest of terms), yet within a matter of seconds they were all throwing their money at me. (I WAS LOVING THIS BY THE WAY). This was the birth of X Apparel London. I still own that shirt to this day, and to my credit, (and my mums for being very good at washing) still looks as good as new.

*to clarify I don’t live at home any more, I’m a big boy now! Just thought I’d add that.

How would you describe the style of your range?

Cool, but not over the top. I think many brands nowadays try to be too cool, with zips and leather on t shirts. Seriously not my thing. I prefer simple, clean designs on high quality soft t-shirts.

 We love the 1D and 5SOS range! Where did the idea come from and were you worried about trying it out, because your style is quite ‘cool’ and people don’t always see boybands as cool.

Thank you very much, that’s incredibly kind. Basically I’m a huge music fan, and enjoy all different types of genres, and I knew I wanted to incorporate music eventually, and after becoming mates with Concept (who are all top lads, and are incredibly talented by the way) I just felt it was the opportune time. No, I honestly think One Direction and 5SOS are very, very cool. I mean both bands have amazing fashion sense, Harry Styles is considered one of the most fashionable men in the world, so I think all this hoopla about boy bands not being cool is garbage to be honest.

Any more music ranges coming in the future, or are you going to stick to your own styles?

I would like to think so yes. I feel X Apparel London is almost split in two which is kind of nice actually. On one side we have the Music Range and on the other we have the more urban street style. So both will expand in the future I guarantee it.

You’ve been around since the end of 2013, would you say you’ve had a strong Nearly A First Year?

Yes, without a doubt, however it cant stop here; it needs to grow and expand, and reach new heights.

Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years time?

I see X Apparel London being massive. I want it to be linked with a music label, producing new fresh talent, and giving them a platform to become successful and generate a fan base. I’d love to be at the top of this. Who know’s I mean, Simon Cowell has to retire one day, right?

Do you reckon its easier or more difficult now than it was, say, 5 years ago for independent fashion labels? Eg: Social media may make it easier to promote your stuff, but does it create that much more competition?

I do and I don’t! Let me explain…You just have to look at all the fashion, clothing brands now on Twitter, everybody now thinks they can become Ralph Lauren over night. However, it doesn’t ever work that way. The people behind fashion labels now, need to work 10 times as hard because the amount of competition is greater than ever before.

What popstar or group would you most want to wear your clothes?

Very tough question! Erm, probably a toss up between, One Direction, 5SOS, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Beyonce. (massive cop-out I know) But probably One Direction. (if I had to choose)

Finally, any chance of making your phone cases for iPhone 4? We’re too poor to afford the iPhone 5!

I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for that Scott! If you want to follow X Apparel, watch Scott become the new Simon Cowell or buy some boyband t-shirts then here is the website and Twitter

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