Writing YA: Useful Apps and Tools

It’s true that really all you need to write is a pen, something to write on, and a good imagination. But where would we be without our modern tecknologee?

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Here we list some of our favourite tools and apps that can make writing that book quicker, easier and generally less stressful!

Most of us use Microsoft Word, Open Office, NotePad, that kind of thing. And for the most part, it does exactly what you need it to do. You type the words and they magick themselves on to the screen.

But if you wanted something more fancy, like “bells and whistles” fancy, then maybe Scrivener is for you.

Not only can you plan and plot, the interface lets you switch around the order of your chapters and scenes and you can even preview how it will look as a novel.

It takes a little getting used to, but online tutorials and generally having a click around will have you up and off in no time.

Stuck? Writer’s block? Or maybe you just want help to think a little outside of the box. Welp, Brainstormer might be the app for you. Available online and also iOS, this is a fun way to kick-start your imagination again.



Editing? Getting fed up of those wiggly green lines under your sentences? Sometimes your chosen writing software doesn’t have the first clue about what you need to fix, grammatically.

That’s where something like the Hemingway App can come it.

hemingway app


Evernote. This is the perfect tool for researching. Getting this on your desktop or phone means that whenever you’re browsing the web and something inspires you, whatever it may be, you can save it to Evernote for later. Nifty!



It’s totally normal to struggle to stay focused sometimes. Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique? This basically has you focused on a task for 25 minutes and then you take a five minute break. Do this for two hours and then have a longer break.

There are various apps for your phone to help with this, but there’s also a simple and sweet online pomodoro timer here.


So now you’ve got all these new apps and tools, what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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Written by Sarah Clare

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