Hands up. We admit it. Despite our best attempts we’re not always able to document every amazing pop star moment in the form of a Big Interview, gossip round-up, live review or exclusive Pop Star Vs Vegetable feature…

Can you help us? If you have opinions, an ability to write, the discipline to actually do it now and then, and a love of all things Maximum Pop! – here’s your chance to get involved.

Apart from money (which you won’t be earning), there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your own words on these very pages. And if you’re good we can throw in some free music, access to exclusive gigs and hanging out with pop stars? Not all bad then.

If you want to get involved, you just need to submit two pieces of writing following the tone and format of the site; have a look round and score bonus points. As well as that, include 5 reasons you love Maximum Pop! and one reason you hate it. Well, we never said it would be easy.

Write everything up on one document – then submit it here.

Good luck!

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