Would you survive the Wetlands?

Sarah Govett’s ‘The Territory: Escape’ is a serious test of survival and preservation. As Noa and Raf find out for themselves as they try and rescue their mate Jack from the disease-ridden Wetlands.


Thing is, do you reckon you could survive? Take this test and find out just how far you would make it!

So, are you a survivor, or have you died a terrible death? Let us know in the comments below!

Wanna see if Noa makes it? You can get your copy of ‘The Territory: Escape’ right here.

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Written by Sarah Clare

Sarah is the Lead Writer and Design Queen here at Maximum Pop! Sarah holds an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University, and a BA in Creative Writing with English Literature from Marjon (BIG UP THE MARJON MASSIVE!). Sarah joined MP! after seeing an advertisement for writers on Instagram – because where else would a design master find their dream job?

Sarah is currently working on an expose on Draco Malfoy in her spare time. But not if his father hears about it.

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