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QUIZ: Would you rather? Super powers edition!

Would you rather fly or read minds?

Picture the scene. You’re sat in maths class, bored out your mind, when zap! Suddenly you can read your teacher’s mind. Sure, it may be scary. Terrifying, in fact! But you’ll never get stuck solving an algebra equation ever again. All you’ve got to do is read her mind and you’ve got the answer.

We wanna find out what super power you’d like to have. Would you rather fly or move things with your mind? Be able to shape shift or read people’s thoughts? Play Maximum Pop!’s tricky game of would you rather and try and decide.

The game was inspired by ‘Monster’ by Michael Grant. As die-hard bookworms will already know, the read is the follow up to Michael’s epic ‘Gone’ series and sees teens morph into superheroes and supermonsters.

It’s a gripping read and you can find out more about it by clicking here. But before you do, let’s play would you rather, shall we?! Get ready, get set, go.

Start reading ‘Monster’ by Michael Grant..

“IT’S THE MONSTER!” Shade Darby cried out, speaking to no one in particular.

The monster was a girl who appeared to be in her teens, but was in reality mere days old. She was known the world over from her first recorded appearance during which she had torn off a man’s arm and eaten it. While the man watched in shock and agony.

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You can order a copy of ‘Monster’ by Michael Grant by clicking here.

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

When she’s not writing articles for Maximum Pop!, you’ll find her attending gigs, geeking out over the latest beauty products and reading feminist literature. Hermione is her favourite Harry Potter character - obviously.

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