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QUIZ: Would you rather? 1D edition!

Kiss Harry?! Hug Louis?!

It’s quiz time and we have a great one in store for you guys today! By now you’ve probably played most of our One Direction quizzes, right? Well this new one might be the hardest one yet. Sure, it’s not quite as tricky as our 1D true or false quiz, but you’ll still have to make some ridiculously hard decisions.

We’ve put together a game of One Direction-themed would you rather and you’ll be torn between these tricky, tricky options. Would you rather kiss Harry or hug Liam? We know, we know. In an ideal world you’d pick both, right? Well, you can’t.

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Before you have a go at all of those, though, let’s play would you rather. Be sure to let us know what your picks are on Twitter at @MaximumPop.

You can play more One Direction quizzes by clicking here. There’s heaps of them to play. Show them to the rest of the fandom and spread the fun.

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