WOAH! People think that THIS means Cheryl’s already given birth to Liam Payne’s baby

Could we BE any more on the edge of our seats?

We have a confession to make – we’re not entirely sure how much more we can take the suspense of waiting for Liam Payne’s baby to finally grace the world.

We don’t want to sound like mega creeps or anything, but the prospect of another One Direction baby is just too wonderful to ignore, so obviously we’ve been following the whole story every step of the way.

That said, when we heard the news that Cheryl has POTENTIALLY given birth already, we basically wet ourselves with excitement – and we have absolutely no shame in admitting it. Haters gonna hate.

Feeling a bit out of the loop right now? Here’s what we know so far.

Little Mix just had their say on the whole Liam and Cheryl situation and we’re so proud of them

WTF! Does this prove that Liam and Cheryl are definitely expecting twins?

Niall just had his say on Liam Payne becoming a dad and it’s made us SO happy

Today, several fan accounts confirmed that Liam is back on home turf in the UK:

Yep, after spending weeks in LA (doing what looks like recording his solo album – big YAY), Liam has come back to enjoy this chilly-ass UK weather, and people think that the reason behind it could be much more than just a holiday.

It just so happens that Liam’s ‘trip’ to the UK coincides with the timeframe in which people think Chezza’s going to give birth (though we can neither deny not confirm this), so it all seems like perfect timing, really.

While nothing’s been confirmed as of yet, this does all sound very promising. Liam might just be paying his pregnant girlfriend a long awaited visit, but then again, it all adds up, so only time will tell.

In the meantime, you may as well give this Liam Payne hair quiz a go. It’ll pass the time. Or at least five minutes, anyway. 

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