And the winner is… Author Emma Wunsch reveals the drawbacks to working in a bookshop, plus win a proof of ‘The Movie Version’

In the ‘The Movie Version’ of Amelia’s life everyone has their roles, their parts to play. But what happens when the movie and reality don’t match anymore?


Amelia is learning to fill the role of leading lady in her own life in Emma Wunsch’s cinematic debut. Here the author herself gives you tips on becoming your own lead in your own story. Plus, you can win 1 of 5 proofs! With signed book plates!

Tell us all about ‘The Movie Version’ – but you can only use emojis


What’s your favourite line from ‘The Movie Version’? I’m going to cop-out and give you my agent’s favorite line, which I also like a lot:

Toast wasn’t even Toast back in sixth grade. He was still geeky little Dennis McGreevy.”

Do you usually feel more like the “leading lady” or a bit more “sidekick”? As a kid and teen, I definitely felt more like the sidekick. As an adult, I feel more leading lady.


Can you give us 3 sure-fire tips to being the leading ladies and lads in our own stories?

    1. Find something you LOVE doing—big or small—and make sure you devote time doing it.
    2. Find something that’s challenging and spend some time trying to do it. It’s good to be challenged and you’ll appreciate doing the thing that you LOVE.
    3. Have a lot of dance parties. Both alone and with friends/family who will join in and won’t judge you on your funky dance moves.

We read you used to work in a used bookstore. Is it the booklovers dream like we think it is? Working in a bookstore was a total book lovers dream! I got to spend my days surrounded by books and people who loved books and talking about books as much as me. I was also surrounded by cats because it was a quirky, independent bookstore in Seattle, Washington. I loved the cats, but sometimes I’d get really sneezy. That was the only drawback of working in a bookstore. And that I’d end up spending most paychecks buying more books!


If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? I’d probably do something with kids—probably at a non-profit or social service organization.

Can you send us a pic of your bookshelf? We’re always looking for recommendations!



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