And the winner is… What does Stacie Ramey regret about writing ‘The Homecoming’? Plus, win a copy with signed bookplate!

If books that make you feel all the things are your jam then Stacie Ramey’s ‘The Homecoming’ is just what you need. It makes us emosh just listening to the author talk about it.


And now you can experience it too. Not only can you read the interview, but we’re GIVING COPIES AWAY! Neat, huh?

1. Tell us about ‘The Homecoming’ in the length of a tweet.
#TheHomecoming:how do you get over your gf’s suicide while living with the family that kicked you out years b4? Run or stay? #choices #John


2. Where did the inspiration for this come from?
This was actually the first book I ever wrote even though it’s my second book to come out. My day job as a speech language pathologist introduced me to the fall-out of head injury. As a therapist I was focused on helping the child with traumatic brain injury, but I also always wondered about the long lasting and sometimes equally devastating effects on the entire family unit and on the siblings who are lost to the process of bringing the disabled person back. So I wanted to write about the siblings and show how they lose not just the original version of the person who’s injured, but also the life they could have had, if the accident hadn’t occurred. In this case, the people who accept their brother post head trauma the most are Ryan’s siblings, John and Livy. I think kids, in general, are smarter than parents when it comes to those things.

3. Do you have any regrets about this book?
I regret that John had to go through so much pain. His brother is in a horrible accident when they were little, so he loses his big brother, in a sense. Then his girlfriend, Leah, commits suicide. Then he has to move back in with the his mother years after she kicked him out. He’s trying so hard to be good, make the right choices, and just make it through senior year so he can run to California and sell weed legally there. Live an easy life far from his family. But at every turn, and with every choice John makes, it seems he’s tested and he has to decide to sacrifice his own goals to save his family. It feels like too much for one guy to handle.

4. Who was the most difficult character to write?
I had a very hard time writing John’s mother so that she didn’t come out flat and just plain evil. I really wanted to show that she regrets many things, and that she wants to repair her relationship with John. Keeping the tension between the two of them despite both of their concerted efforts to form a truce felt authentic but very difficult to manage.


5. Have you got any weird reading habits?
I tend to lose books that I’m really engrossed in. I have no idea why. But you can tell how much I like a book by how often I have to re-buy it. Maybe it’s because I’m so invested, I bring them everywhere with me and then am thinking of the characters and their situations so much that I don’t pay attention to where I’ve put the book? Who knows. So far I’ve bought two different books three times in a month’s time, and have yet to finish either book because I keep losing them!

Thanks so much for hosting me! This has been fun.

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