And the winner is… Can you hear the Siren’s call? Paranormal romance is BACK and you can WIN a copy of ‘Songbyrd’

Anna Silver’s fabulous ‘Songbyrd’ hit US shelves back in the summer and it basically ticks all of our boxes.


Innocence wants a simple life, but she’s plagued with nightmares of her past and the fear of being caught by it. When Innocence moves to a small Texas town, she becomes aware of her family’s mysterious powers and sees her own begin to rise. Three generations of women in Innocence’s family must unite and embrace their heritage.

Not gonna lie, this was pretty much written for us so we were super excited to have a chat with Anna Silver.

Describe ‘Songbyrd’ in just 3 words. Evocative, insidious, mystique


‘Songbyrd’s got a WHOLE load of mystery. What makes a really great mystery book? I think it’s a careful balance between letting on just enough to keep the reader engaged, while holding off just enough to keep the reader guessing. That, and they have to care. You must give them characters they can invest in emotionally if you want them to hang in there for the final reveal.

Family is a big part of ‘Songbyrd’, too. Has it had a big influence on your writing? Absolutely. Relationships fascinate me. In my own life, my relationship with my mother has played a very large role. She was a riddle I was always trying to solve. I lost her in my twenties, but her absence has only added to her influence. Relationships between women are so multidimensional. I never tire of exploring them.


Who was your favourite character to write in Songbyrd? I loved writing Dalliance. She was so tragically misunderstood, but she remained remarkably strong.

How much of the siren mythology in this is traditional and how much has been invented by you? I tried to play off of much of the traditional mythology, inventing modern-day answers for why those myths would have existed. But I also needed my sirens to be plausible and contemporary. We live in an age dominated by science and technology. It was important to me to give the myth a basis in science.

What are you working on right now? Right now I’m working on completing the first draft of a YA magical realism novel titled RESURRECTION GIRLS. My agent loves it so far, though it feels heavier than my previous work. It’s truly a novel about grief. I have rounded the corner towards the finish line, and the end is definitely in sight.


Best book you have ever (EVER) read? I really can’t single one out, but I will give you one that’s definitely vying for the spot. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood.

And if that hasn’t made you excited enough, we’re giving away 5 copies of ‘Songbyrd’!

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