And the winner is… The 6 scariest books you need in your life this winter PLUS win a copy of ‘NIghtmares’

Who doesn’t love a good scare? The best thing about scream-tastic reads is that it’s pure fiction. You can just put it down and have a mug of hot chocolate when it all gets too much.


Here we list some of the bestest and most terrifying reads you could ever add to your TBR. PLUS! We’ve got 6 copies of ‘Nightmares’ to giveaway. Spooktacular!

1. ‘Daughters Unto Devils’ by Amy Lukavics


Amanda feels like she’s losing her mind. Set on the American prairie, some time ago, she faces some serious demons. And believe us when we say this book will HAUNT YOU for a long time after. *shudders*

2. ‘The Girl from the Well’ by Rin Chupeco


Ok, so if you’ve seen ‘The Ring’ or ‘The Grudge’ then just the title and blurb of this book should raise your hackles. And whereas this book THANKFULLY won’t scar you in the same way as those movies, it’ll deffo give you chills.

3. ‘Killer Instinct’ by S. E. Green


Not ‘horror’ by genre, but there is more than enough in this narrative to unsettle and disturb you. The protagonist is potentially a bona fide sociopath. Think Dan Wells ‘I Am Not A Serial Killer’ but with a girl MC and a whole lot more ick. A thrilling read to say the least!

4. ‘Diary of a Haunting’ by M. Verano


As if the cover isn’t enough to make your heart stutter. It’s the thing of freakin’ nightmares! And it’s no picnic for the main character either. Paige is carted off to Idaho and her new home is less than friendly. Yikes!

5. ‘The Creeper Man’ by Dawn Kurtagich


More psychologically scary, but that’s what a nightmare is, right? And this book offers SO MUCH in the way of visual creepery (yes, we totally made up that word) and disturbing scenes. Brilliant, though. 100%.

6. ‘Nightmares’ ed. by Ellen Datlow


Terrifying? Haunting? Bound to make you think twice about turning that light out? Yep, yep and double yep. But it’s also such a THRILL. Tachyon publishing have really gone all out with this one. And including great authors like Garth Nix, what’s not to love?

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