And the winner is… Justine Larbalestier may be a little obsessed with psychopaths PLUS win a signed copy of ‘My Sister Rosa’

Justine Larbalestier’s new book is the PERFECT read for those chilly nights in the run up to Halloween.

Rosa has been making trouble recently, hurting people, but she’s only 10 years old. Her big brother, Che, is worried – what if she keeps getting worse? No one believes Che that Rosa could be dangerous and a move to the bustle of NYC is giving her far too many opportunities to wreak havoc…


We got to chat to Justine all about psychopaths, and we’ve got a sneaky giveaway too.

Tell us about ‘My Sister Rosa’ in the length of a tweet. 17 year old boy realises his 10-year-old sister is a psychopath. His parents don’t believe him. No one does. Though Rosa hasn’t done much yet, she’s escalating . . .

Che, our main character, has moved to New York from Sydney. Were you inspired by your own split between the two cities? Actually, Che’s moved there from Bangkok, but he’s originally from Sydney. His family moves A LOT. I wanted to write about my favourite city through the eyes of someone who doesn’t know it as well as I do. Was lovely getting to know New York City all over again. I asked everyone I know who’d only recently moved to NYC what struck them most about it. What seemed weird and strange to them?


What inspired a book about a scary little sister? My scary little sister! No, not really. She’s lovely. I was inspired by William March’s book, The Bad Seed. Thought it would be cool to write it from the point of view of an older brother rather than the mother.

Did you creep yourself out at all writing it? Nope, but some of the research gave me truly horrible dreams. Reading about the orphanages in Ceausescu’s Romania was particularly disturbing.

What is your biggest tip for those trying to get published? Don’t be overeager to be published. I was and sent my work to agents and publishers when it was very much not ready. I took those rejections hard. In fact, they got in the way of my writing. Once I lost myself in the writing again, and concentrated on working on my craft, rather than angsting, is when I finally got published.


What are you working on currently? A novel from the point of view of a psychopath (as opposed to the victim of a psychopath like ‘My Sister Rosa’). I couldn’t let all my psychopath research go to waste!

It’s giveaway time! We’ve got 10 signed copies of ‘My Sister Rosa’ to give away to you lucky folk.

To enter: follow @maximumpopbooks and RT the following tweet. Easy.

This competition is now closed! We’ll announce the winners here shortly.

What’s the most unsettling book you’ve ever read? Tell us in the comments below.

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