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What makes the Serena van der Woodsens of the world? How do we get to become a queen bee like Blair Waldorf? Katy Birchall has the answers and we need them STAT.

‘The It Girl”s Anna Huntley might not be the most fashion savvy girl out there but we’ve all got something to learn from this adorkable sweetheart trying to make it in the world of high school drama. You’ll be the most confident queen bee in no time with these books, which is exactly why we’ve also got an epic giveaway to help you on your way (Keep scrolling!)

But why not reign in your It girl persona and just have a flamin’ good time? To celebrate the upcoming release of ‘The It Girl: Don’t Tell the Bridesmaid’ Katy Birchall has 5 top tips for how to survive a wedding and still come out on top.

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For now though, here’s Katy’s top tips:

1. If you decide to fake tan, maybe fake tan more than just your legs

In my defence, I was very much stretched for time the evening before and I figured that my legs were basically the only skin on show. I mean, sure, there are my arms, hands and face and stuff, but for some reason my brain just didn’t really compute those. In all the photos my legs look like they’ve been on holiday without my head and arms. This is NOT a good look.

2. Wear shoes that don’t destroy your feet

I’m all for the whole look-good-feel-good mantra but it’s important to remember that you will be wearing these shoes the ENTIRE DAY. Comfortable shoes are a necessity. And yes, you can just whip the heels off and storm that dance floor barefoot BUT please take note: if you do make this decision, be sure to lift up your long skirt/dress when launching into an Irish jig. Otherwise, prepare to turn falling flat on your face into the worm (an excellent wedding crowd pleaser btw).

3. Try to remember who your relatives are

‘HA,’ I hear you say, ‘what a ridiculous statement! I know who my relatives are!’ Oh ho, ho, my friend, take it down a notch on the cocky radar because here’s the thing about weddings: distant relatives come out of nowhere and hijack you with anecdotes about you falling through a trampoline when you were five, and you have NO idea who they are.

And turning to a great aunt and going, ‘hey, I don’t think we’ve met’, when they have a mantelpiece dedicated to your school photos will never go down well and will lead to long, boring lectures from your parents about how you never listen blah blah blah. It’s not worth it. Ask your parents beforehand who in your bloodline will be there and commit their photos to memory.

4. At dinner, wear a napkin

I don’t know what it is about wedding breakfasts but the food is especially sneaky at falling onto your pastel-coloured outfit. A lot of frustration can be avoided simply by placing that posh embroidered napkin across your lap. I draw the line, though, at tucking it into your collar.

Do you know how many people are taking pictures at a wedding? And I mean, taking pictures the whole time? You with your napkin tucked into your collar WILL be captured on film by someone, no doubt in the background of a particularly beautiful shot of the bride and groom, and then it will be blown up on a canvas, hung in the living room of the happy couple’s new house, there to be witnessed FOREVER.

5. Feel the love, get up and boogie

There is nothing better than a wedding. You know why? Because everyone is so very happy. The good vibes are soaring all over the place and, even if you don’t know that many people there, you will never be in an atmosphere so welcoming than at a wedding. The dance floor is awaiting you. Get that napkin out your collar, throw caution to the wind and wiggle your way into the middle of the circle. Love is all around, people. Own that worm like never before.


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