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Laura Lam is the author of the wonderful Micah Gray trilogy, but this year she’s bringing out an adrenaline-fuelled page turner called ‘False Hearts’. It sounds so good that we had to grill Laura about it!

false heartsDescribe the plot of ‘False Hearts’ in the length of a tweet. In a near-future, supposedly crime-free San Francisco, Tila is accused of murder & her twin Tila must take on her identity to save her life.

What was the most difficult part of writing this book? Plotting. The characters’ voices came to be very easily, as did the world building. Having all the disparate threads of the cult storyline and the thriller storyline come together and making sure the pacing stayed tight and pageturning was key. On the whole, though, I had a lot of fun writing this book and fitting the puzzle pieces together.

chained for lifeWhere did you get the idea for ‘False Hearts’? I read an article on i09 about conjoined twins Violet and Daisy Hilton, who were famous in the vaudeville era. They did a film in the 1950s called ‘Chained for Life’, where one twin is accused of killing her sister’s lover and they both must go on trial, since they’re conjoined at the hip. I started turning that idea over in my mind—what if your literal other half hid a secret from you, when you were absolutely sure you knew her better than anyone else? What if she committed murder, and your first thought would be that no, she couldn’t have done it. You wouldn’t kill someone, so neither would she. But then: what if you weren’t so sure? How far would you go to discover the truth? Everything spiralled out from that one, fairly simple idea.

Who are you most like – Tila or Taema? My personality and responses to things are a lot like Taema. We have many differences between us: I’m not a twin, conjoined or otherwise, I’m not part black and Polynesian, I wasn’t raised in a cult, and I’m useless with numbers and thus not an engineer. Tila is much brasher than me, and a lot braver. She’s at times the off-the-cuff BAMF I wish I could be, though, so writing her was a lot of fun.

Can you give us any clues about Book 2? Book 2 is called ‘Shattered Minds’ and will be out in June 2017. It’s a standalone set in Pacifica (California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington) with a completely new cast of characters except for one small crossover. It’s set in Los Angeles instead of San Francisco, and it stars Carina, a would-be serial killer who becomes deliberately addicted to the dream drug Zeal so she’s only killing people in her imagination instead of the real world. When an old colleague dumps a bunch of dangerous, encrypted information into her head about their previous employer, Sudice, Carina is forced to come back to the real world and try to take them down with a mysterious group of hackers known as the Trust.

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Send us a picture of your bookshelf! My bookshelf is currently a bit messy, and rather out of date. I tend not to purchase hardcopies at the moment, as we live in a small flat and are about to move. So I buy e-books and borrow paper books from the library for now. I hope the place we end up next is somewhere where I can have more glorious shelves!

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‘False Hearts’ by Laura Lam is published on 16th June by Macmillan, priced £12.99 in hardback.

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