And the winner is… Win the complete ‘Night School’ series by CJ Daugherty

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CJ Daugherty’s ‘Night School’ is one of our favourite series to snuggle down with after a long day of Googling Harry Styles god knows how many nipples.

If you’ve been busy finding the sun to get a tan in and other important things it’s time to get the low down on all things ‘Night School’.

It contains no vampires, witches or zombies. However it is filled with the human equivalent. For what are vampires, after all, but bloodsuckers who take and give nothing back? And what are zombies but violent idiots?

The people in Night School are made superhuman by their money.

The series is set in modern times in the world of the super rich, in whose midst Allie Sheridan finds herself when she is sent to Cimmeria Academy, an exclusive boarding school in the south of England. It’s a seductive place, filled with beautiful young people who have never flown on a commercial airliner in their lives because their parents always send the family jet. These teens were raised by nannies who spoke four languages, and they do all their shopping on London’s Bond Street and Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

But Allie, who values truth above everything, soon learns that their beautiful world is laced with deception. And danger.

When she discovers that their world is really her world too, she knows she’s trapped. Now all she wants is to get out alive.

To celebrate the release of the official ‘Night School’ song we’re offering you the chance to win the entire series. Yep that’s five books so you can catch up on everything in Cimmeria Academy.

For a chance to win just follow the simple instructions in the Tweet below:

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CJ Daugherty’s ‘Night School’ now has an official song & we’re swaying in our seats with joy.

5SOS birthday cards? It’s not our birthday but we’ll take 9.