And the winner is… 7 books that are so strange you can’t handle, plus WIN a copy of ‘City of Weird’

Who doesn’t love a weird book? Sure, some of you might have to be in the mood for the strange and the peculiar, but one thing is for sure, those books that really GO THERE do not lack in imagination and page-turning fascination.


Here we list some of our fave weird reads. Let’s get strange!

1. ‘Coraline’ by Neil Gaiman


Why not start with one of the masters of the odd? Neil Gaiman brings you Coraline… a girl who goes through a little door and enters an alternate reality where most things look the same. Oh, but people have buttons for eyes. And that’s just the beginning of the oddness.

2. ‘Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend’ by Alan Cumyn


Wut? Yes, that’s exactly what it says and it’s exactly what you think it’s about. And yes, it’s weird. There’s not another book quite like this one to make you wonder if you’re deep in a fever dream or not.

3. ‘Grasshopper Jungle’ by Andrew Smith


Yep, that says “giant bugs” and it’s not kidding. Bugs and boys and the pending doom of the whole world. It’s guaranteed to give you a derp face at least twice while reading. But it’s a proper good ‘un.

4. ‘The Creeper Man’ by Dawn Kurtagich


Anyone who has read this will know EXACTLY why it’s on this list. Giving you slenderman, hinterlands realness. Sweet dreams.

5. ‘Noggin’ by John Corey Whaley


So this teen has his head transplanted five years after having it removed (cos he was poorly sick). What more do you need to know? #weirdandweloveit

6. ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ by Ransom Riggs


This gets a mention because THEM PHOTOS are freaky af. Like, if you’re that way inclined you’ll be kept awake at night by some of the strange shots included in this book. Eesh.

7. ‘City of Weird’ edited by Gigi Little


30 stories of strangeness and total mind-bending imagination. The cover definitely does this collection justice and trust, you need a copy. And here’s how you can win one!

This competition has now ended! Congrats to the winners @mysidekickandme, @WindowMouse, @Rubysbooks, @lantangjulay, @Lexi4AussieBoys.

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