And the winner is… WIN! We’ve got 50 copies of ‘Broken Sky’ for you to catch up on this explosive series!

What do you mean you haven’t read L A Weatherly’s ‘Broken Sky’ yet? You crazy? Book 2, ‘Darkness Follows’, is nearly upon us!


Ahh, don’t worry too much because we’re giving away a whopping FIFTY copies. That’s right. 5 – 0. Fifty. Chances are high, so what are you waiting for? Here’s how to enter:

This competition is now closed! Congrats to all the winners: @katielouisedv, @Valentia_Books, @thegoatboy, @rebeccakym_, @niellereadbooks, @tmrmaddie, @AggiesLibrary, @SammiLouMarsh, @eleanorar57, @masonlou8, @CSLyons, @Sascha_Borg, @Corazzz, @PatriciaCrowth3, @MillyYMA, @ItsGemmaM, @snowglobe10, @accioshannen, @lokisfool, @lorrainebryan1, @SharmaSmirk, @BookLoves_, @FreyaFoster13, @mediatejack, @zcollins1994, @vivianallman, @SimplemeLila, @WBookishBlog, @czernylupin, @dibble_amber, @GarylovesCheryl, @EllieRose_Smith, @Sophie_Fangirl, @kathryna910, @nurinkh, @mikeysrunaway, @ssssstttteeepph, @ElvaHills, @alicedixon1993, @shannonfletche4, @_JodieWhitfield, @Bronanski, @TasminsTalk, @lisalittlespud, @WindowMouse, @TheBookMoo, @mouse555, @reading_escape, @Swanonx, @ZedWhisper.

To win yourself the first in what already promises to be an unforgettable series all you have to do is 3 easy things:

  1. Follow us @maximumpopbooks
  2. RT the tweet below.
  3. Fill in the form down the bottom.

Fill out my online form.

End 11/09. UK Only.

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