And the winner is… Love Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams? You need ‘A Toaster on Mars’ in your life PLUS win

It’s 2059 and Special Agent Blake Carter’s career is in a little bit of trouble, and even worse? His new partner is a cyborg. When an infamous criminal steals a scarily powerful weapon and kidnaps someone Blake loves, his investigation takes him to the weirdest corners of the galaxy.


Sounds ridiculous and wonderful, right? We just had to ask the author a few things about it.

Tell us all about ‘A Toaster on Mars’ in the length of a tweet.
A wacky adventure involving a cop, a robot, a bad guy, a weapon of mass delirium, the end of the world—and not a toaster in sight.

What inspired you to write such a wacky book? Under my writing desk, I discovered a time portal leading to the year 2050. Clambering through, I located a public library and discovered I had written a book entitled, ‘A Toaster on Mars’. I stole a copy, returned to the present and sent it to my editor. It saved me time not having to write the book in the first place.

Why on earth is this book called ‘A Toaster on Mars’? I came up with three different titles. The first was 1,259 words in length, and wouldn’t fit on the cover. The second was written in the ancient language of R’ubstarian, with the closest modern translation being, ‘Your Armpit is in my Face and I can Tell You’ve Been Eating Garlic’. The third was, ‘A Toaster on Mars’. I went with Toaster.

Do you have any weird habits while writing? I blink a lot.


What are you working on now? I’m working on another book set in the future. This is about a boy from earth who goes to a new school—but the school is on the other side of the galaxy.

What’s the one thing you hope humans event in the future?
Books you can read in the shower. Paper books get really soggy, and the electronic variety don’t handle shampoo well.

Well. Bet you’re curious about ‘A Toaster in Mars’ now!

Luckily for you, we’ve got 10 copies up for grabs!

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