Will Zoella be picking up this ‘Genuine Fraud’ in the next book club? We hope so!

Liar, liar.

Authors like E Lockhart are few and far between. Writing something as fun and charming as the ‘Ruby Oliver’ series, and then coming out with the poetic, earth shattering, Zoella book club pick ‘We Were Liars’? Talent.

And now she drops this new book on us like a plot bomb. ‘Genuine Fraud’ is going to be tricksy. It’s going to be addictive. It might very well top everything she’s already written. We’re calling it. Plus, it’s out in a matter of months.

In an interview with MashReads, E Lockhart was asked about how the title was essentially an oxymoron:

“Film producer Samuel Goldwyn is often quoted as saying, “I never liked you, and I always will.” My new novel is in something of the same spirit.”

Twisty. We like.

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Cake and manky pants? All the “best” writing advice from your fave authors:

‘Genuine Fraud’ is a psychological thriller following two girls through all the bad things you can imagine. Will it be as #allthefeels as ‘We Were Liars’? Not in the same way. Lockhart advises “Rolaids and seltzer—you’ll want a strong stomach.”

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the cover is a thing a thrilling beauty. So get it listed on your Goodreads wish-list and let the impatient wait commence. ROLL ON SEPTEMBER! ‘Genuine Fraud’ will be published by Hot Key in the UK.

Are you excited for this release? And if you’re already a fan, which E Lockhart book is your fave? Tell us in the comments below!

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