in unveils new album ‘#willpower’: here’s our thoughts.

Hey, MP! So I hear has a new album out. Any good?

Yes indeed he does. That all-seeing, all-promoting rap-pop star and curious-coiffed The Voice judge has taken a break from being Chezza’s BFF and released his long-awaited album of hits-in-the-waiting, #willpower.

Is the hashtag really necessary?

Do we think so? Not really but this is the guy who Tweeted in the middle of doing a part of the London Olympic Torch relay last year, so… not surprised, let’s put it that way.

Apart from the singles we already have, what’s good on the album?

Hmm… well upcoming single ‘Fall Down’ with returning Disney alumn Miley Cyrus is easily one of the best songs on the album – it’s fun, it’s dance-y without becoming boring and it’s a great turn for Miley who’s making a bit of a musical comeback. Other good tunes include solo effort ‘Hello’ and Scherzy-baby collab ‘Far Away From Home’ which are both catchy and destined for the summer airwaves.

Any stinkers on the album?

Sadly, not all of it is good – there’s a lot of sameness on the record and despite his efforts to go R&B (Getting Dumb, Geekin’) and more hip-hop (Ghetto Ghetto), a lot of is the same stuff we’ve heard a hundred times over. Not even the guest collabs can save some of the songs – ‘thatPower’ with a certain Mr Bieber is catchy for about fifteen seconds and dull the rest of the song. We’re also a bit miffed he didn’t get Chezza a guest spot for the album but then maybe we’re just suffering Girls Aloud-related withdrawals.

So it’s not worth buying the whole album?

Probably not, no. The bonus tracks aren’t too bad but really, this is an album basically for the singles, much like Calvin Harris’ ’18 Months’ album. The previous singles like ‘This Is Love’ and ‘Scream & Shout’ are both still fun but chances are you bought them a while back. In short, pick at the album but don’t go expecting anything more than fun, disposable dance-pop that’ll be the soundtrack to parties for the next few months.

Thanks, MP!

You’re welcome reader and enjoy the album – streamed the whole thing on YouTube for everyone to listen to ahead of its album release, so go and listen for yourselves before buying!

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