Will Britney and Demi make good X Factor judges? MP investigates!

After weeks and weeks (and weeks and weeks) of speculation, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have finally been unveiled as Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole’s Nicole Scherzinger’s replacements on The X Factor USA’s judging panel. For Demi, still only 19 years old, an enviable $1 million payday. For Britney? A ridiculous $15 million. But will they be worth the cash?

In terms of media attention, of course they will – especially Britney. Every week there will be at least one story (most probably false) on a US gossip website claiming she’s having a meltdown, ignoring her acts, being a diva behind the scenes and/or sleeping with Simon Cowell. Demi may fall victim to reports of suffering from her broad array of personal demons (the poor girl’s had to deal with bulimia, bipolar disorder and addictions to substance abuse and self-harm over the past couple of years), but, at least for the first few weeks of the series, Britney will be all anyone will be talking about.

Will they be good panellists? For Britney, all we can do is hope. Since she infamously hit rock bottom in 2008, her recovery has consisted largely of being placed on a complete media lockdown. Every interview has been carefully scripted to the point where this particular radio chat from last year, where she flashes the occasional funny face and laughs the odd laugh, has become all too rare (check out her X Factor questioning as well – interesting!).

In all honesty, it’s Demi who we think might just steal the show. She’s fiesty, she’ll speak her mind, and if she ever performs during a live show, she’ll smash it. This is a massive opportunity for her and we’re nervously predicting that she’ll grab it with both hands and come out the other side all the better for it. We just have to hope that neither her nor Britney join Steve Jones, Nicole, Paula, Cheryl Cole, Kate Thornton and so many more on the pile of people who’ve been chewed up and spat out by the Cowell talent machine.

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