10 things you missed at Wild Life festival 2016 including Niall Horan with a puppy and a giant squid

We didn’t choose the Wild Life, the Wild Life chose us.

Guy from @disclosure & Kezi from @rudimentaluk backstage just now! #WILDLIFE16

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Never a truer word.

In case you haven’t heard of it, ‘Wildlife’ is one of the UK’s newest additions to the festival scene. The Brighton-based rave-up is the brainchild of Disclosure and Rudimental who started the festival as a way of combining their fandoms into one big melting pot of grimy, sticky beats and electrifying performances.

Basically, they’ve just rounded up all their mates for a massive party, including pop heavy hitters like James Bay, Bastille and Jack Garratt. Such is life. And there was life, but not as we know it. Here’s some of the things you missed:


The blonde directioner was spotted at the festival with none other than Laura Whitmore’s dog. Maybe he was getting some inspiration for that new album he’s working on.

He showed off his most shadiest of looks when atempting to hide from our prying eyes. Sorry Niall. We gotcha.

2) The outfits

Loving all the WILD outfits today! #WILDLIFE16

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Us Brits don’t do our festivals by halves, do we? If we’re in, we go for it 100% and that includes obligatory H2T fabulousness when it comes to attire.

Then there was this.

3) James Bay being an absolute bae (what a shocker!)

4) Will Heard of Rudimental’s interesting wardrobe choice.

Backstage with @willheardmusic signing our #wildlife16 posters

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We’re not sure a lime-green with Jamaican-inspired trim tracksuit would suit us, but that is clearly because we are lesser beings. We bow down to Will’s unique style.

5) That “eh, eh, ooh, eh, ooh” moment when the whole crowd sings along to Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’. Unforgettable.


Happy ravers need fuel. BEST POUTINE EVER!

7) Disclosure making us space out with their pretty light show.

8) When we spotted actual wildlife at Wild Life.

Don’t question why the squid exists. Question why we limit ourselves to only having giant inflatable squids at festivals.

We don’t know where this panda came from, but we’re betting he’s got broads in Atlanta. Just a hunch.

9) The massive melting pot of different cultures.

10) When Rudimental shut the thing DOWN!

Lucky they were the final act on Sunday because no-one could top that.

Thanks for the memories Wild Life. Looking forward to seeing you back next year. Tweet us @maximumpop if you think Wild Life looked as mind-blowingly awesome as it was (and trust us, it was).

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