MP! Investigates: This is why you’re obsessed with One Direction and Fifth Harmony

Why do you like One Direction so much? It’s because they’re good eggs, look beautiful and can sing like angels. This is all true obvs but we’ve been wondering what’s the science behind it all? What REALLY makes us love these pop princes.

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Pop music kinda has a stigma that it’s uncool or bad, which is total lie. Those kinda people are bopping their heads to Justin Bieber in secret. We decide to investigation why we all love pop music so much, yanno other than it sounding fantastic and being complete bops. What makes it more appealing to our brains than metal or country music?


It has to do with your exposure to music. We’re sure you find yourself listening to Capital FM a lot because it plays a ton of pop, exactly what you like. Say your parents were into hardcore metal and they brought you up on it, you’d probably be into that too. Just like K-Pop and J-Pop is massive over in Korea and Japan, because that’s what they listen to!

Pop music is simple technically. They use typically use 4 chords that are pretty easy to play and use catchy hooks so you’ll remember it. Not to mention we can all pretty much relate to the topics of pop music, love being the most popular. How that ties into exposure is, most pop songs are very similar. You probably don’t realise but the same chords are used over and over again. It’s simple for the brain too. You can enjoy some pop whilst doing work, where as something less straightforward and more musically complicated like jazz would need extra brain attention.


We want you to do a little experiment. Try out listening to a new type of genre of music, or a band you’re unsure about! The more you listen, the more likely you’ll end up enjoying them. If you’re going to do this, please tweet us @maximumpop about how it went, we’d love to know.

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