There’s a scientific reason why one of your eyebrows looks better than the other

We all have a favourite eyebrow, right? We’ve also all spent waaaay too much time in the morning trying to get them looking all symmetrical and on-fleek, mostly to no avail. Sigh.


We’ve done some research and it turns out it might not be our shaky hands to blame for that one crap eyebrow, but rather the workings of science. 

Eyebrow expert (career goals) Tonya Crookes explained that “each brow has different muscle movement,” which can be caused by how you naturally show expression or even what side of your face you sleep on, resulting in the muscles on one side being weaker.


Well there you have it. We can now sleep peacefully at night with our new-found scientific knowledge.  After all, they do say eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins.

What do you make of this scientific explanation? Let us know your brow woes with a tweet to @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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