Why is Rihanna always late?

It’s pretty much a given that if you are going to a Rih-Rih concert, you need to accept the fact that you will be waiting (or get hit in the face). But the ‘We Found Love’ singer took the biscuit last night when she arrived 3 HOURS late to a gig in Monte Carlo. 3 HOURS!- That’s like a whole track from Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience album.

We have pondered various reasons why Rihanna could be such a bad time keeper and here are our top 5:

1 She may have forgotten about the gig. We know Rihanna is quite forgetful, she even had a whole song asking people to remind  her of her name (See: What’s My Name- Rihanna).

2The battery in her watch has died and has been dead for several months now.

3If her track ‘Shut Up and Drive’ is anything to go by, she may be quite rude to taxi drivers. This might annoy the taxi drivers and cause them to take a longer route to the venue (much much much longer in some cases).

Her bed is obviously quite large (“In this California King Bed, we’re ten thousand miles apart”- California King Bed) so it might take her a little longer to get out of bed than most normal folk.

5Rihanna actually believes her own tracks and thinks that she is in fact “The Only Girl in the World” and that everyone should wait for her.

Hmmm… why do you think Rih Rih’s constantly late? Answer’s on a postcard (or a tweet or the comment box below).

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